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 Nagato's jutsu Combination

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PostSubject: Nagato's jutsu Combination   11/23/2010, 12:02 am

Name of Jutsu:entropic note jutsu
Range::4 meters normal,9 meters with fuuton snap
Description:After performing A single hand seal Nagato will snap his fingers creating a poetic sound. Anyone with in fifteen feet of Nagato that hears this snapping sound will be caught in Nagato's jutsu. The genjutsu starts from the ear and converts to the enemies eyes causing them to temporarily go blind for a max of three posts. How ever the down side to this genjutsu is that it can affect Nagato's comrades as well. Nagato can manipulate the wind with his fuuton chakra around his thumb and index finger on his right hand to make the snap even louder allowing it to go double the distance. That being said, anyone with in that range will be caught in the genjutsu. A higher or equal rank Ninja will be able avoid this genjutsu after noticing that it is a genjutsu, how ever they would first have to know that it is a genjutsu that is being cast upon them.

Name of Jutsu:Snap clash
Range::9 meters(30 feet)
Description:This is a Ninjutsu skill that allows Nagato to form fuuton chakra with the wind around him, Nagato can make it form around his index finger and thumb to echoed the sound of his finger when snapping. This is used in conjunction with his Entropic note genjutsu. The ability is only useful for the genjutsu, or distracting an opponent from a comrade while they prepare a attack.

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PostSubject: Re: Nagato's jutsu Combination   11/23/2010, 2:37 am

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Nagato's jutsu Combination
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