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 Kamak miroki(complete)

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PostSubject: Kamak miroki(complete)   11/22/2010, 10:35 am

Character Template

General Information

Name:Kamak miroki
Alias:The Dark Star
Kamak is a tall slender man. He stands at six feet three inches and towers over most of his students. People make fun of his height most times but he doesn’t care. He weighs about a hundred and seventy pounds with light tan skin and a very well built body. Spending a lot of his time training and working out he is very built and athletic. He tries to keep a fit body buy working out and eating well. His hair is long and black with a very light hint of blue in it. When the sun hits his hair you can sometimes see the blue tint in it. He doesn’t like his hair in his eyes so he will keep it pulled up under his head band most times. His head band sits across his forehead with the metal plate tilted to the right a little. Besides the slandered Shinobi flak vest he wears dark clothing like navy blue and cameo green. Being a stealth ninja he tries to wear clothes that blend into surroundings, however that is hard sometimes when in town. His belt has his weapon pouch, a food and supply pouch and a clip to hold his dagger. Wearing black and dark blue pants that are thin he tries to keep clothing on that makes close to no noise and is easy to move in. He keeps a kunai hidden in each of his sleeves and also in the lining of his Shinobi shoes, these allow for quick sneak attacks. A bright red tattoo of angel wings sit on his shoulder with the name Zamaz in it. This is in memory of his brother who was killed recently.


Kamak is a very quiet down to earth man. He keeps to himself and tries not to be seen in most cases. This is for two reasons. One he likes to try and see if he can remain hidden even when he’s not trying to, and it helps to build his stealth skills for when he starts battle. He also controls his breathing and stepping. But like other ninjas his age he has seen his fair share of death and suffering, so sometimes he is quiet for a good reason. He won’t talk out and blurt out stuff unless he feels she needs to. Kamak will keep most thoughts and opinions to himself. When someone does something he doesn’t like however he has no problem standing up and saying something.

He does not take to back stabbers and liars to well. He respects honor and as a Shinobi feels that if you are going to be a ninja you should respect its code. He has no mercy for criminals and missing ninja and will not stop hunting them no matter the cost. He threats all his friends as family, keeping them close. But if any of them were to turn on his or backstab him it would be over. Kamak threats honor and respect like a personal assault, so it would be best not to break those.

When it comes to team work Kamak will never give up. If it means protecting a team mate or a friend he will risk his life for their safety. Personal threats against his team are threats against him, and if anyone has a problem with his village they have one with Kamak. He doesn’t try to be the best ninja because he knows he is not, but he tries to do his best and will never give up. Devoting his life to his Shinobi code and his village is the top priority for him.

After His Teacher Lord hoshikage fell into a deep slumber, He was granted the postion of Hoshikage. With this his responsoblity grew to protect his village and be more than he could be. As the Kage he strives to make life fair and happy for his village, while also keeping a strict and orderly village. He finds that the nicer you are to someone the nicer they will be to you.

Ninja Information

Ninja Rank:Raikage
Skill Specialities:

Elemental Affinity:

Special Characteristics:Kamak is a expert tracker ninja, he can control his breathing and lighten his steps to allow better sneaking. He has perfect eye sight and can smell better than most ninja. He has been trained in the art of tracking where he can follow a trail for days without losing it. His eye sight and sense of hearing out match those of many Ninja his rank and he is very skilled in the art of trap setting and ambushing.

Kamak is also able to sense weaker Genjutsu when it is used on him. However he can not ignore it or its effects he can tell when it has been used. This is only effective when the genjutsu is C ranked. Anything higher dulls down until it hits S rank. B and A ranked he can sense oh so slightly to the point where he can not sense where its coming from or who. And S rank he can not sense at all.

Jutsu List




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PostSubject: Re: Kamak miroki(complete)   11/29/2010, 8:31 am


Style Name: Dark Star Flames
Style Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C-S
Description: Using the meteor from Hoshi, Any Shinobi who uses the Katon style element gains accsess to the purple fire. This is caused by the purple chakra Hoshi ninja have because of the meteor. This purple fire acts just like the Star beam jutsu, by using the meteor chakra they can pause and stall the enemies chakra system. This causes them not to be able to use any jutsu for hat amount of time. This style ca not be used with any fire, but specific jutsu made for this style.
Origin/History: After seeing what the purple chakra could do Kamak teamed up with scientist from Hoshi to help create a fire that could act the same. This fire is both hot, so it burns, and created with the purple Hoshi chakra, allowing it to pause and freeze enemy chakra systems.

Name: Mysterious Peacock Method (Ninja Art: Kujaku))
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: E-S
Element: N/A
A trademark of Hoshigakure, this technique utilizes the chakra-enhancing radiation of the meteorite, that fell 200 years prior to the start of the series, to give the user an enormous amount of chakra. The technique itself manifests in the form of a feather-shaped array behind the Star Ninja and spreading out from behind them like a peacock's tail feathers, hence the name. This chakra is easily manipulated into various techniques, making it one of the most versatile jutsu around. These techniques are honed through Star Training, which requires the ninja to spend large amounts of time focusing on their chakra and meditating in the presence of the meteorite. The meteorite's radiation greatly improves the user's chakra, but is incredibly damaging to their physical body. The body of anyone attempting to master the technique would eventually take its toll if the trainee fails to complete the training soon, and those who do master it perish a few years after that.


Name: Glass shuriken
Rank: B
Range: Thrown as far as a normal Shuriken by the user.
Description:These Shuriken are unique and he always has them on him. They are tipped with the clan’s secret Glass style glass. When thrown they sparkle and twinkle, picking up the surrounding images. This makes them hard to see and they seem to look like glimmers in the sun. When they hit their target the glass will shatter and the thin metal part will stick into its target.
Origin: Kamak made these using the clans Glass style Chakra. Forged in his village as a chuunin.

Name: Nakuma
Rank: C
Range: Two feet
Description:A small thin Katana that belonged to his adopted father. It has a pitch black Sheath and is only about two and a half feet long including handle. It has no secret power or ability, just a normal sword used to fight with.
Origin:It belonged to his adopted father. When he graduated from the elite academy it was given to him as a gift to use in his ninja training. Even though it is small he still uses it in remembrance of his father.

Name:Black powder
Rank: C
Range:It is a simple powder that can be held, thrown about five feet befor eit disperses in the wind.
Special Abilities:Can be set on fire and explodes.
Descriptions:The black powder is created with a carbon element that when set on fire or touched by flame will ignite. With a very small amount the fire will burn away the powder, moving along a trail until there is no more powder. But if a large concentration of five ounces or more is set on fire it may explode, causing damage based on the amount of Black powder it the collection. The powder sits in a fire proof bag on his waist line. It is behind him and is made to keep the powder from blowing up on his body. The bag can withstand three post of being on fire before it blows up. No matter the rank it will take three post for the bag to burn away.
Origin:Is used it the blacksmith for creating weapons and bombs. The powder was taken in a large amount by kamak and used in his fire style attacks.

Name:Hoshi Standered Gas mask
Rank: C
Range:Wears on the face
Special Abilities:When worn allows the user to breath like normal in smoke, posion and any other substance in the air that would harm them when breat in. It will only cut the time in half for B ranked posions and A and S ranked wont be blocked at all.
Origin:Was issued to him by the training corps in hosi. Given to all ninja who cross the posion crevice for the first time.

Rank: A
Range:Is worn on the face. The purple fire it emits covers his body.
Special Abilities:The mask was created with a chunk of the Hoshi meteor. The special purple chakra was fused and implanted in this mask. Because of this Kamak added his Dark star chakra ability to it, causing the mask to emit purple flames onhis body. It is a activation mask, much like a jutsu. When the sign is preformed his body, from head to toe, will engulf in the bright purple fire. this fire will not hurt kamak however will burn anyone else who touches him or the fire. If the fire touches someone their chakra system will be frozen for two post, the effect of the dark star chakra. The fire can not be extended form the body or launced, just stayes on the skin and cloths of kamak. If touched the flames will only burn the target, not set them on fire. The mask drains B rank amount of chakra each turn it is worn, and can only be worn for three post at a time due to the strain on the body.
Origin:Kamak had a group of hoshi scientist come together at the Meteor and help create the mask. Fusing and providing his chakra Kamak is the only living being that can use the mask, and can use the Dark star chakra in the mask.

History and RP Sample:
Pre birth-
Kamak’s family was in a tight spot before he was born. They had a six year old son who had just graduated from the academy and was becoming a ninja. They were also in money problems and had issues with other mercenaries trying to collect money from past relations. His father had worked with a band of machineries murdering and collecting for a living. But when he met his wife he gave that life up and moved to Konoha to start a family. There their son Zamaz was born and raised. But they could not afford another son. Too much was going on in their life to keep and raise a second son who was inevitable headed into the path of Shinobi hood also. So as his mother got pregnant they prepared to find another family for him to live with. Fortunately his father knew a very well rounded family who would keep him and teach him. This family Lived in Hashiha, the star village. He felt his son being here would take attention off of him and allow him a normal life.

When Kamak was born he was instantly taken to the family in Hashiha By his father. Under the travel of night they made it and dropped him off, the last time he would ever see his father or mother. His new parents, Rozi and Kuzak, took him in and raised him as if he was their own. They never had any kids so it was a little rough at the start, but soon they all got the hang of it and life went on as it should have. They promised his father that they would not let Kamak join the local academy and become a ninja. They did not want that life style for their son. So as he got older he was taught how to be a recorder, taking notes and documenting things that took place. But he felt like his life was worth more than that. He always felt like his life was a lie.

Academy Arc- As he grew older he started meeting other kids who were joining the Ninja academy. And he wanted to also. It always looked fun watching to kids play and practice with their weapons, jumping around attacking each other. He wanted this life. And even though his parents did not want him becoming a ninja they allowed him to play with the other kids. Eventually they wore off on him, he was dedicated to become a ninja no matter what anyone said. But he needed the permission of his family to even be accepted as a student. He was never going to get that. So he snuck in one day, sitting at the back of the class and watching. It was so amazing that he never wanted to leave. But as the class ended the Chuunin instructor saw him, and wondered why he was not on the class roster. After speaking he found out about Kamak’s situation and headed off to his home. Kamak sulked home, taking as long as he could for he knew the instructor told his parents and he was in trouble. But he had a surprise waiting him at home. When he got home the instructor was sitting with his parents, talking and smiling. He took a seat and they discussed him joining the academy for several hours.

The next day he was enrolled and was now an academy student. He trained every day, working hard to be the best that he could be. The same chuunin took him under his wing, teaching him how to do basic jutsu and use the ninja skills all of them could do. He was on his way to becoming a ninja. But something weird was happening. Mirrors began sprouting up in his room one day, scaring the mess out of him. He told his parents and with a solemn face they knew what had to be done. So they sat him down and told him about his past. His family, his clan and everything that had brought him here. Most would have been sad at something like this, but he was not. He loved his family and his village, and was actually glad to have found a new technique to use. But no one could help him train it.
Genin arc-
Kamak finally graduated a Genin, making his teacher and his parents proud. He was awarded his headband and that day left the village to explore. A team was assigned to him under the protection of a jounin named Ruaxle. He could help train Kamak in fire and earth Ninjutsu, but was still unable to help with the mirrors. Most people had never seen a style like that and had no idea how to use it. But he grew stronger anyway. Going on missions and working with his team to get better. Most of the missions they went on were C and B ranked, normal ones that had no real danger and did not test him well. He was getting better and better every day that it seemed he would reach Chuunin in no time. But for now he needed more work as a team. This was tested one day when an A ranked mission was assigned, to protect a very important man from a group of assassins. The mission went well, they delivered the man without any problems. But it was a set up. A local group wanted the jounin dead so they used the escort as a trap to lure him in. Once they arrived the assassins ambushed them. Both of his team mates were killed and his sensai was kidnapped, never to be seen again. He was able to escape using his well trained stealth and tracker ninja skills. After arriving at the village he told of the mission and how it was a set up. So a cell of Jounin were sent out to take out the group and get the jounin back. And in this cell Kamak went with. They arrived at the location and eradicated the killers, but their man was not there. Because of his outstanding work in the mission he was awarded rank of chuunin.

Chuunin Arc-
As a chuunin he spent most of his time mastering his Fire and Earth Ninjutsu, also finding an adept skill with Genjutsu. He used both of these styles in his tracking and was officially granted the title of the village tracker ninja. He was able to hide his scent and sound so good that he could sneak up on unaware ninja and scare them right out of their shoes. So most of his missions were recon stealth missions. But he was having a problem with his clan abilities. He had been able to master the easy ones like using the glass but he could never get the advanced ones. Then one day while on a mission in the Iron country he heard of a man who was using these mirrors like crazy. So he followed him through the mountains trying to find him. Eventually they came to a small village and Kamak caught him. He said his name was Zamaz and that he was his older brother. So for about a week they took time to get to know each other and train. Zamaz thought him everything and even shared with him about his real parents, and how they were dead now. But this was a short visit. For his brother Zamaz was soon roped into affairs with other villages and killed. Kamak was pissed for he barely knew of his brother and now he was dead. He vowed to use the skills Zamaz taught him to become a masterful ninja.

Jounin Arc-
Now as a Jounin he strives in making the best of things and becoming such a great ninja. He works well with his team and other ninja and is proud to be a ninja of the star village. Working hard he makes his life the greatest he can and tries to be the best. He was assigned to be the personal guard to lord soki, the Hoshikage. He served her well and was even able to protect her well. During a resting session she was attacked by strange men. As her guard Kamak attacked one of them and killed him. As his prize lord soki gave him the Aishado, a powerful doujutsu. With this skill he was able to guard the village better and interrogate ninja who did not belong in his village. But a sad even happened as soki went into a coma. With no one else to watch the village he was deemed the new hoshikage.

Move to Kumo-Kamak had been the hosihkage for many years, doing his job and allowing the village to grow. In time the village was strong enough to support itself, and a newer younger kage was announced. This made him proud cause he had trained and raised a great young girl to take the lead. But things in kumogakure were getting worse, so they sent a messenger to him, asking for his help in the leadership. So he took his leave, heading to kumoto take the title of Raikage.

Rp Sample:
Lao began to feel strange. His body stance, the serpent, was executed perfectly, but something did not seem right to Lao. He looked at this woman who seemed to be in a pleasant mood, how could anyone at this moment be calm. But then he realized for a split second, something else was going on. He looked around at the trees that were around. He did see them before but thought that he was just into the tourney so much he didn’t notice them at first.

He took a step and seemed weightless. What was happening to him? The woman standing just a few feet away from him did a few hand signs. This was Laos’s chance to spring. But he stopped on an instant as the trees around him seemed closer and began to form faces. Whoa... Lao stopped and looked around. He was going out of it. The trees were now in pain and angry, but lao was not fazed by these emotions. His past was full of people, and the trees seemed to resemble these people’s faces, but this made lao more aggressive.

What the hell! Lao was not sure if this was the arenas fault, or his own mind messing with him. He stopped in his tracks. Not now, of all the times why now! But then the woman caught his attention once again. No matter what was going on he was in a fight. And he had been in worse conditions before; screaming trees were nothing unusual to him. Come on! He was no starting to get aggravated. He would not die today, not today. He quickly preformed a few hand signs and stomped his foot on the ground.

Like a quick gust of wind lao was gone. He had sunk under the earth using the mole hiding style. If these trees were yelling at him, he would go away. But as he made his way into the ground he noticed that there were no signs of roots or solid held soil. what is going on here? Said lao in his head. He focused and sensed way too much chakra going on above the surface of the ground. That b****, she used a gen tech on me Now lao was mad. He figured that it would not be smart to attack so quickly but to disarm her. He quietly closed his eyes and did the release kai jutsu. He then tunneled under the earth and awaited any signs of opposition from above. As he did this he traced out how far he might be from the woman, and how to possible try a counter.
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Kamak miroki(complete)
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