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 Kagetsu Clan [The Merge]

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PostSubject: Kagetsu Clan [The Merge]   11/19/2010, 5:18 am

Clan Name: Kagetsu Clan
Clan Location: Kumogakure
Clan Traits:
Natural Dark Skin

Kekkei Genkai:
Some members of The Kagetsu Clan display a special Kekei Genkai that allows them to temporarily steal the properties of solids and some liquids that come in contact with. When they take the properties of solids there skin becomes as hard as the substance they took the properties from, they take on the same color and texture of the solid. They can also manipulate there bodily structure while using this ability and while only using this ability, they can not manipulate there bodily structure without taking the properties of something first.

Special Abilities:
This ability manifest in five stages:

1st Stage- The user will be able to take the properties of what ever solid they touch with their arms and legs and can keep it up for a small period of time. This meaning only their arms or legs are allowed to be changed into another form.(1-3 Post) This can begin as early as 6-9 years of age and often last until 13-15 years of age.

Note:This can't be any other form besides plastic/styrophone/cardboard/alluminum.
2nd Note: All Genin start at this stage. 800 word training for next stage

2nd Stage - The user is able to take the properties of what ever solid they touch only in the torso and shoulders and they can begin to manipulate there bodily structure create spikes and shields as well to increase there strength. This meaning everything from feet up to his neck will change into solid. (The user can only manipulate up to 50% of their body) They can also hold this for longer periods of time. (1-3 Post) This often starts at around puberty.

Note:This form has all D-Ranked abilities adding Wood/Rock/Tin/Glass (light metals).
2nd note: No off branch such as marble or diamond.
3rd Note: All Chunnin start at this stage. 1000 word training for next stage.

3rd Stage - The user has all the abilities previous to this and his able to take the property of what ever he touches all over the body. Except in this stage only certain parts of the body that takes the property but never the full body. The user may only manipulate up to 75% percent of ther body(arm,legs,head,torso,etc) Thus user chooses. The body manipulation becomes complete almost to it's full extent. They can now take property of what they touch, create spikes, shields, and also use this property as projectile weaponry. They can also hold this for a very large amount of time. (1-4) +1 depending on mastery level over Kekei Genkai.)

Note:This form take on all previous forms adding Stone/Iron/Copper/Nickel/Silver/forms of liquid
2ndNote: All Joinun start at this stage. 1200 word training for next stage

4th Stage - The user will be able to take the properties of what ever solid they touch all over there body. The bodily manipulation becomes complete and can be used to fullest extent. They can also transform there body into liquid form and manipulate their structure at will. They can also hold this for a very large amount of time. (1-5post) +2 depending on mastery level over Kekei Genkai.) This happens randomly, some never make it this far.

Note: This form takes all the previous adding Gold/Crystal/Steel/Vibramium/ also takes on any liquid form.

At this level the user takes the clans ability and go to a whole next level. Here the user has the ability to take on any element they are hit with and manipulate it as if it was their own. The trick to this is that the user must come into contact with another before use. They may also temperarly steal elemental jutsu they are hit with for a short period of time. However, they may only use the jutsu they are in contact with and only the jutsu they are in contact with. These justu must be used within 2 post of contact, this jutsu also become apart of the user's arsonal afterword a days rest. The stage like the previous can be held for a good length of time (1-15 post)

Note: 1 This form takes all the previous adding Diamond/Titamium/also takes on any liquid form.
Note 2:All forms of this kkg needs a 2 post cool down and can be used 2 times per topic.

Weaknesses: What ever form the Kagestu takes they also take their weakness. Such as Earth is weak to Lightning. Water is weak to earth. Certain metal weak to fire. etc. This counts for anything the user change into. The chakra consumption wouldn't be great unless the member takes on a form that would not be their elemental affienty.

Note: This clan can only change into solids or liquids. Meaning gases and light are out the question. Only solids or liquids.

Secret Clan Jutsu: N/A

Quote :

The Kagetsu Clan was once a clan of monks who believed in nature and balance of things. Many people say the reason why the Kagetsu Clan can take the properties of what ever solid they touch is because they are fully in tune with nature. They are said to come from the Bird country.

The Kagetsu was once a pacifist clan that hated war and violence but when the clan war broke out money became tight and there nation began to grow poor. The Kagetsu Clan tried to find ways to make money but they couldn't.

Pretty soon the clan was split into two parts, The War-half and The Pacifist-half, that all changed when they were attacked by another clan, from a opposing nation. The Kagetsu was caught off guard and nearly 30 Kagetsu Clan members were killed. The opposing clan slaughtered both women and children.

The Kagetsu men were angry at that clan that the next day the remaining Clan members attacked there base, with no remorse the Kagetsu Clan eliminated that clan in one simple Genocide.

The Clan was no longer torn in two but in one. They would fight to survive against the enemies. From that day the Kagetsu Clan became blood thirsty fighters.

The Kagetsu Clan fought for many years, when the war was over they returned to the Bird country but they weren't wanted the people thought that them living there would only bring around more trouble. The Kagetsu did what the people wanted and left. They became a traveling clan.

They ended up in the Lightning Country and joined the Hidden Cloud Village where they live today

Clan Details: Open
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Kagetsu Clan [The Merge]
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