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Senjutsu Template/ Rules

on 11/18/2010, 1:59 am

Senjutsu (仙術; Literally meaning "Sage Techniques") refers to a specialised field of techniques that allows the user to sense and then gather the natural energy (自然エネルギー, shizen enerugī) around a person. Senjutsu practitioners can then learn to draw the energy of nature inside of them blending it with their own chakra (created from spiritual and physical energy within the shinobi), adding a new dimension of power to the sage's chakra, resulting in the creation of "senjutsu chakra" (仙術チャクラ, senjutsu chakura).

This chakra cannot be seen by anyone other than those who have been trained in senjutsu. This new chakra enables the user to enter an empowered state called Sage Mode, which can then drastically increase the strength of all ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu. A person who is able to use senjutsu is called a sage (仙人, sennin).

The user is required to balance his/her physical and spiritual energy with the natural energy he/she gathers from nature.  If the user puts too little natural energy into using senjutsu, the technique will not work. While gathering natural energy, the gatherer must remain absolutely still in order to be one with nature. If the practitioner can achieve a perfect balance between the physical and spiritual energies of their own chakra, and the energies of nature, they can produce a new and stronger chakra, called "senjutsu chakra".

Specializations: Senjutsu itself requires no specific base specializations; however, it cannot be a primary specialty. You must learn Senjutsu, either through the mentoring of a master Sage, or by finding the temple of the sage clan you wish to join.

Levels of Sage: There are to be three levels of Sage abilitiy. These are acolyte, Sage, and Master.

Acolytes are Sages in training. They have yet to master the arts of the sages, and as such have no access to Sage chakra or techniques. They are also in extreme danger during this period, as they lack the full control needed to harness Natural Chakra properly; and are therefore in danger of death at any moment.

Sages are those that have mastered basic Senjutsu. They are able to draw upon Natural chakra to a degree; however their control is incomplete. Because of this, they are deformed while in Sage mode, with their bodies taking on animalistic features and are unable to unlock the full potential of Senjutsu.

Masters are exactly that; those who have fully masted the arts of Senjutsu. These are the few and the far between, they who know the truth of the Sages and are able to safely harness the full might of the Sage. They carry the contracts of the Sage clans, and bare the knowledge of the techniques within. These are extremely powerful ninja in their own rights, and with the power of the Sage, they become nearly unstoppable forces of nature.

Location: Scattered

Drawbacks: Senjutsu is an exceedingly difficult skill to acquire; as well as extremely  dangerous. History is rife with ninja that have trained and failed to master the art; the vast majority of which died during the process. Others where never heard of and assumed to have failed. The best known examples are among the Frog Sages of Mount Myōboku. If the user takes in too much natural energy, the user will start to turn into a toad and, eventually, turn to stone. The petrified remains of one-time apprentice Sages who failed to master senjutsu are spread throughout Mount Myōboku. What happens in other Sage clans is mostly unknown, but it is a given that the fate of those whom fail is not a pleasant one.

Requirements to become a Sage: This will differ with each contract; however, a few rules must be followed.

1.Must be Special Jounin or higher, 10 or more missions, 4000 ryo, and 150 EXP.

2.If you are to be trained by a Senjutsu Master, then you must post a thread with a word requirement of 2000 words or more in order to awaken Sage Mode. A total of 4000 addition word of training must be undertaken in order to fully master Sage Mode. After each training you will roll the die to determine if the training was a success. EACH TRAINING CAN ONLY TO TRIED TWICE.

3.If not to be trained by a Senjutsu Master, then you must provide a 3000 word thread of you finding the contract for the Sage clan you wish to join. This may be undertaken alone, or in a group; however, the word count is not shared. Each member of the group must post at least 3000 words. Once the thread has been finished and approved; you must post a thread of 3000 words or more in which you travel to the Sage Temple and train there to awaken Sage mode. Beyond that, a final training of 5000 words or more is required to fully master Sage mode. After each training you will roll the die to determine if the training was a success. EACH TRAINING CAN ONLY TO TRIED TWICE.

Because of the nature of Senjutsu, and the natural chakra needed to perform it; we will be implementing a new system specifically for use by Sages. In this new system, a second pool of chakra will be created; to be used strictly for Sage techniques. Non-Senjutsu will draw upon the user's original chakra pool only. The two cannot be intermixed, nor can jutsu of one be cast using the chakra of another.

The Sage chakra pool is dependent on your ranking as a Sage. Acolytes have no Sage chakra at all, due to their status as trainees. Fully trained Sages will have a small pool. Masters, a larger base pool.

Acolytes: 0 Sage Chakra
Sage: 100 Sage chakra
Master: 200 Sage Chakra

You might notice that this gives Sages a comparatively large chakra pool to draw from. However, this is not entirely the case, as Sage jutsu costs are different then non-Sage jutsu.

D: 10
C: 20
B: 30

Master Sage:

A: 40
S: 50

So, you see why they have a seemingly large chakra pool. In reality; what they have access to is fairly small by comparison.  

Just as with normal chakra, all Sages will start a thread with a full pool of Sage Chakra. However, unlike normal chakra, Sages will have means to restore their Sage chakra in thread. However, this is both dangerous and very restricted. The rules for the regaining Sage Chakra are as follows:

1. You may NOT attempt to regenerate Sage chakra in battle.
2. You may only begin to regenerate once they have less then 15 Sage Chakra remaining.
3. You must perform a meditation to last a MINIMUM of 8 posts. During those 8 posts, you will regenerate 10 Sage Chakra per post. However, if the meditation session is interrupted before the minimum of 8 posts has been achieved; you will lose ALL accumulated Sage Chakra, and must start again. A Master Sage may regenerate up to 150 Sage chakra in this manner, via a meditation of 15 posts. The same conditions apply, if the meditation is disturbed before the 8 post minimum, they will loose ALL accumulated Sage chakra. This meditation may take place ONCE per topic.

Senjutsu Summoning Type: (The summon that the sennin uses to assist him/her in sennin mode.)
Sennin Transformation Description: (This is where you describe how your character's appearance changes when they enter Sennin Mode.)
Abilities: (This is where you list your extra abilities provided to you when you enter Sage Mode.)
Link to Character: (Use this space to post a url link to your character application. If your character is below a certain rank, you cannot be a sennin.)
Link to Training: (Use this space to post a url link to your character's training for this ability.)
Jutsu: (Any and all Sennin jutsu must be approved, using the template below.)


Here is the template to copy so far:
[b]Senjutsu Summoning Type:[/b]
[b]Sennin Transformation Description:[/b]
[b]Link to Character:[/b]
[b]Link to Training:[/b]
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