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The Guides

on 11/18/2010, 12:43 am
Roleplay Guide

First and I cannot stress this enough! ROLEPLAYING IS IN THIRD PERSON! Which mean that while RP you should never describe your character with the following pronouns; I, We, Us , Our etc.

Example of wrong version:
I walked into the bar, the bartender was nice I really liked him.

The correct way to RP:
Miko walked into the bar, the bartender was nice Miko really liked him.

Second you must NEVER say or do something for another character. This is called God-Modding and is very serious. So NEVER do any of these examples.

God-Modding in battle:

Miko throws a punch at Nayumi’s face and smashes it into the wall. Miko then keeps kicking Nayumi.


Miko attacked a fully tied up Nayumi, but Nayumi dodged the attack and ran away easily!

Correct way to do these:

Miko aims a punch at Nayumi’s face, if it hit it would smash her face into the wall. Miko would then attempt to kick Nayumi.

Miko attacked a fully tied up Nayumi, taking the hit Nayumi got hurt badly before she was capable of using the rope escape jutsu and ran as fast as she possibly could while she was hurt.

Third you must not do something called “Meta-Gaming” this is where your character doesn’t know something but you as the user do. This can include people’s names, people’s thoughts and other people’s plan against you. While most Meta-Gaming is purely accidently please do try to think about what your writing and refrain from Meta-Gaming.

Finally DO post in full complete sentences, and use spell check. No one likes to have to decipher posts, if you wouldn’t want to decipher someone’s post then please don’t make them. This deciphering extends to acronyms please don’t use (lol, brb, plz, and other such things) If you use an acronym for a group that the other user may not know put an OOC note telling them what it means.

Tips and tricks

1. Don’t try to be invincible and super amazing in every way, not only does this ruin other peoples RolePlaying experience but it also removes a lot of your own.

2. When making a reply read over what your fellow RPer said and did, then write about it from your characters point of view this can get you at least a paragraph.

3. When making a topic be as specific as you could possibly be without literally posting pictures, and remember to just add ways someone MIGHT come into your topic, do not say THAT you heard them in your topic.

4. If you’re bored waiting for an RPer to reply to your post, you should definitely do off-RPG spars to up your skill in RPing.

5. Follow posting order if you’re in an RP with 3 or more people, no one like to get skipped unless they say to skip them.

6. When making a post replying to someone else’s, increase the detail size and starting doing more things requiring the other RPer to post more. Not only does this expand your ability as an RPer but also greatly increases the potential for having a great RP.

Guide to knowing what is and isn’t God-Modding

Ok this section is on one of the WORST things you can do. This can be very serious, because not only does God-Modding hurt others RPing experiences. It can hurt your own, as mods do look to see if people are God-Modding and you will be warned. There are six forms of God-Modding on a Naruto site.

Taken from Basic Rules

• Controlling Others

There is to be no controlling of another person’s RPC (Role Playing Character). That includes their movements and thoughts.

• Auto Hitting

You can not always hit your opponent. The actual blow or attack landing on a character is up to the other PPer (Role Player).

• Dodging

You can not always dodge your opponent’s attacks. If the situation makes it that you should get hit, you’re hit. If not, then you’re not. If it’s 50/50, then you get hit, but not completely.

• Substitution

You can not always substitute everything. At most, you are allowed to sub twice (2).

• MetaGaming

You can not know everything. You may know everything, but your character doesn’t. You can’t know your opponent’s attacks, weapons, history, or even their name. Granted some things are knowable, but there must be a reasonable explanation. If the they are well known, granted you may know their name and some of their attack methods, but not all of them and you wouldn’t know their history either. And “I read it off of their profile page.” or “I just know.” does not work.

There’s one more I’d like to add to this list and that is…
• Using Substitution as a Teleportation Jutsu
Yes we all know that in the series the make a log into their place and they go where the log is, but be reasonable you can just throw a kunai at your opponent who is like 10m from you and just substitute with it, this is a form of God-Modding simply put because it’s cheap and OP.

Helpful Links To Help With Beginning:

Now that you’ve read this you can continue on to make your character!

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Re: The Guides

on 11/11/2011, 12:17 pm
Training Guide
To get jutsu's approved you can't just post them in the jutsu creation. You have to have proof of training and link that to your jutsu's that you want to be approved. This training is done in any area in the Five Great Nations, section of the forum. Here is a guide that shows the number of posts one has to do to get their jutsu approved. The number of posts that has to be done depends on the rank of the jutsu you want approved.

E-Rank: No needed training approval (Unless by a Academy student done in the academy)

D-Rank: 200 words or Ryo

C-Rank: 400 words or Ryo

B-Rank: 600 words or Ryo

A-Rank: 800 words or Ryo

S-Rank: 1000 words or Ryo

- If you don't intend on finishing it all up in one post, That is fine but it has to be done in one topic or the first training topic will be voided.

- If someone else is teaching you the techniques that you posted, simply state that in the jutsu topic and the word count needed will be reduced to 80% of the normal amount.

- Keep in mind that the Jutsu still applies to the correct ranking's. Don't think that because you did 1500 word's as a Genin you'll be able to learn an S ranked Jutsu. The only way a ninja can learn a jutsu that is a rank/s higher than their current rank is through gaining points through missions
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