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 Puppet template

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Mr. Sinister


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PostSubject: Puppet template   11/17/2010, 12:47 am

Name: (Your puppets name)
Material: (The material your puppet is constructed from, default, wood.)
Appearance: (What your puppet looks like)
Spots Available: (By default they are these in a humanoid puppet...)
Eyes (1) (Weapon assigned...)
Head (2) (Weapon assigned...)
Mouth (3) (Weapon assigned...)
Ears (4) (Weapon assigned...)
Neck (5) (Weapon assigned...)
Left Breast (6) (Weapon assigned...)
Right Breast (7) (Weapon assigned...)
Abdomen (Cool (Weapon assigned...)
Left Shoulder (9) (Weapon assigned...)
Right Shoulder (10) (Weapon assigned...)
Left Arm (11) (Weapon assigned...)
Right Arm (12) (Weapon assigned...)
Left Hand (13) (Weapon assigned...)
Right Hand (14) (Weapon assigned...)
Left Palm (15) (Weapon assigned...)
Right Palm (16) (Weapon assigned...)
Left Leg (17) (Weapon assigned...)
Right Leg (18) (Weapon assigned...)
Left Foot (19) (Weapon assigned...)
Right Foot (20) (Weapon assigned...)
Left Back (21) (Weapon assigned...)
Right Back (22) (Weapon assigned...)
Center Back (23) (Weapon assigned...)
Lower Back (24) (Weapon assigned...)
Groin (25) (Weapon assigned...)
History: (How you obtained the puppet.)

[b]Name:[/b] (Your puppets name)
[b]Material:[/b] (The material your puppet is constructed from, default, wood.)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (What your puppet looks like)
[b]Spots Available:[/b] (By default they are these in a humanoid puppet...)
[b]Eyes (1)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Head (2)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Mouth (3)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Ears (4)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Neck (5)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Left Breast (6)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Right Breast (7)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Abdomen (8)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Left Shoulder (9)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Right Shoulder (10)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Left Arm (11)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Right Arm (12)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Left Hand (13)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Right Hand (14)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Left Palm (15)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Right Palm (16)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Left Leg (17)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Right Leg (18)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Left Foot (19)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Right Foot (20)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Left Back (21)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Right Back (22)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Center Back (23)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Lower Back (24)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]Groin (25)[/b] (Weapon assigned...)
[b]History:[/b] (How you obtained the puppet.)

-Please do not in any way be intimidated by this template. Not all of these slots need to be used. The ones that aren't being use just simply erase them from you app.
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Puppet template
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