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Site Rules

on 11/16/2010, 9:26 pm
Basic Rules

---> Please respect all other members of the site. This means no petty or nasty arguments, foul language, spam or anything else deemed unnecessary or rude. If you have a problem with another user or even one of our staff members, please PM an appropriate member of staff and they will deal with the issue as best they can. This means: No Flamming, No Insulting, No Arguing, or anything of the sort. If you have problems with another member, contact a mod or an Administrator and we will work something out. Keeping the peace is one of the top priorities of this site, so cooperation with each other is a must. So be sure to avoid problem causing topics such as Politics. Sports is fine, but watch yourself. Failure to comply with this rule will result in warnings, followed by suspension and then a ban.

---> We ask you to please maintain a consistent standard of role-play on this site. Please try to keep spelling, grammar and punctuation as accurate as you can. This will help everyone understand and enjoy their roleplay with you and other members. Using a web-browser such as firefox, with an automatic spell-checker, is preferred for Role Players. The post limit, length wise, that is implemented on this site is as follows below, based on rank.
D - 200 word minimum (D rank mainly consists of Academy Students, those with poor RP skill who are still learning the ropes)
C - 300 word minimum (C rank mainly consists of C ranked missing ninjas and Genin, those who are progressing but not exactly good yet)
B - 400 word minimum (B rank mainly consists of B ranked missing ninjas or Chuunin, those have progressed past the rank of genin are considered to be good RPers)
A - 500 word minimum (A rank mainly consists of A ranked missing ninjas, jounin, or ANBU members; they are great RPers, who are better than good)
S - 600 word minimum (S rank mainly consists of S ranked missing ninjas, Elite Jounin, some ANBU, ANBU captains, or Kages; they are superb RPers, certainly almost the best)

---> Absolutely, positively NO arguing with a staff member's decision; if you're a moderator, do not argue with an administrator - they have the right to make a decision. If you highly disagree message the head-admin with your concerns. Basically, respect all staff members decisions. If you don't agree with something a staff member has to say and it is something of great importance then PM someone who withholds a higher rank than them. Absolutely NO ARGUING WITH THEM. You'll be warned once for arguing, The second time you might get a warning and after that you will be banned. You may, however, talk it out with a mod or an Admin if you disagree on something, but if they ask you to stop, stop.

---> Only members of staff may post on application threads (character, summon, clan etc.). If you are not a member of staff and you post on one such thread, your post will be deleted and you may receive a warning. Anything else that a Moderator would approve. Please, Don't do this. We pick staff members for a reason and if you weren't picked as one that means we either don't need you or we don't think that you're capable of doing a good job as a member of our staff. Either way, it isn't your place therefore don't do it. If you absolutely need to tell them what they've done wrong, PM them about it and it can be their choice whether or not they want to listen to you or wait for a Moderator or Admin to look it over. Disciplinary actions will vary depending on the seriousness of the infraction.

---> Please do not spam outside of the spam sub-forum. We will delete posts and issue warnings if you do not adhere to this rule. Spam gets annoying, no one likes it, and it makes the whole site look sloppy. If you do not know what spam is, it is basically a message that does not adhere to the topic, or is completely pointless and unnecessary. An example of this, would be if two people are fighting and out of nowhere, you post "((Bob is gonna win!)" If you do things like this, the post will be immediately deleted, and you will receive a warning, next time it's a temporary ban from the site. Another instance of spam is a constant posting of something, basically, if you post "I like pie" ten times consecutively or close to so, it's spam, this will get you temporary banned from the chatbox ON SIGHT. Spam out of the Spam area will not be tolerated. We want this forum to be as clean and organized as humanly possible therefore we don't want ANYONE to spam. If you do spam out side of the spam area you will probably only get one warning and after that we will take action, We don't want to have to ban people but trust me if we think you're going to downsize the forum we can and will IP ban you and you'll be gone for good. Just please keep this rule in mind before you make unnecessary posts.

---> Please refrain from double-posting, once again: it makes the site look fairly sloppy, and no one wants to see your side-profile and signature all over again. Try to edit, but we know people make mistakes, so this rule will not be thoroughly enforced, but if there seems to be a better bet your getting in trouble.

---> This forum is PG-13. Adult content, foul language and anything else considered 'beyond' this age rating will be removed and can result in warnings, suspension or even an immediate ban. Take it elsewhere. This means that if you are someone who really likes to gore your topics up, then you have to either tone it down or just not join. This also means NO sex topics, either. Seriously. This is a Naruto RPG, not an adult chat room. Kissing, dates, hugs and all that other good stuff is allowed out in the open, but everything else needs either to be taken to the PMs or not done. Period. Something PG-13 rated would be kissing and mild-cussing as a maximum.

---> Advertising your own site is permitted, but only in the 'Advertisement' forum. Read the rules in that section to find out more. Anyone caught advertising in the chatbox or elsewhere will be dealt with by a member of staff, we will absolutely NOT permit advertising outside said section. It drags away members and is very bad for publicity. We want this site to flourish with members, not everyone running off to join the "newest funky Naruto RPG" you heard about in a PM from some guy with 0 posts and 40 PMs.

---> Please do NOT bug staff about checking your application and or jutsu. We do have lives and we know when things are needed to be done, so Please don't bother us. I know personally that I hate to come on and see around 20 PM's asking me to check things, it's just completely annoying, because people should have a lot more patience than that. You may ask a single person once at a time, but after that you will get in trouble if you consecutively ask, after being warned. If your stuff hasn't been checked within 48 hours you may PM 1 Moderator. Please do not PM more than one. If that Moderator hasn't replied back to you or checked it within 24 hours please PM an Administrator and one of us will do it. In the Message please state which Moderator you first PM'd. That way we can check your stuff and we can check to see if the moderator's are actively working to approve new applications.

---> Human puppets are only available to ranks A or higher and the limit is 2 human puppets at a time, one added for every rank above A rank you are. (You must get the human puppets on your own, through RP ONLY by killing a none NPC character.)

---> Puppet limitations; C = 2 puppets, B = 3 puppets, A = 4 puppets, S = 5 puppets (If you have special permission from the head admin and you are over the rank of A, you may be able to have more puppets)

---> Keep cursing to a minimum, please. We understand that most of us are big kids now, but that doesn't mean you have to go around saying the" F" word every other sentence. It really makes you look like a jerk and you may also come off as uneducated.

---> Death matches can be done at all times, so you can die in any topic unless you have formed an agreement with the other person that the topic would be "no killing" in which case, must be stated in the topic for official confirmation.
-Ex. A Day of Fun -[Sean Only]-
Even if you don't care who joins, but you still don't want fighting, you can put that in the title as well and that will work.
-Ex. A Day of Fun -[Open, No Killing]-
If stuff like this isn't added to the title, it's an open ball game. The staff won't listen to your whining, so you should probably take this seriously.

---> Please don't get too full of yourself here. Nobody likes a egotistical boaster or a show off, so please don't let things start to go to your head. If you are constantly boasting, bragging, and just getting annoying without even being able to back it up: you will be punished.

---> Until informed otherwise, you may have only one character and one account only. People having more then one account can sometimes make things disorganized and our site doesn't have a lot of strength currently to be dealing with that. As far as other accounts go, Please don't. We are going to catch you and you're going to get banned. If you have a brother or sister or any other person that needs to make an account on your IP address then PM an Administrator first. Otherwise, you'll be notified and/or banned.

---> No Metagaming/Powerplaying/Godmodding, we all know what these are. If you have questions, ask an administrator.

---> Akatsuki/Missing Nin may not attack any of the villages without permission from any of the administrators. It hurts the site when organizations attack while the village is really weak because it doesn't have a lot of members, which is why this rule is an important one to follow. If broken the topic(s) will either be voided or completely deleted and further disciplinary actions may be taken.


Please stay active! we know we all have lives so we don't expect you to come on every single day, but please try to be on and roleplaying! if you are going to be gone for for longer than 3-4 days, please post letting us know the reason of you not being on for so long. That way you don't just go MIA on us here.


This is a literate site, meaning paragraph form please. When it comes to what a reply looks like we follow one rule. It's the rule of RECIPROCATION! meaning, if someone spends two hours writing a 1700 word response, don't reply with one paragraph with no dialogue. Now this does pose a problem with open threads. the simple answer? Make it medium length. for an open post do something along the lines of 300-600 words. not too long, not to short. then if you want to lengthen it or shorten it you have a nice starter. problem solved!

Most importantly

Have fun! Roleplaying is an awesome possum activity so just have fun and as long as you follow these rules, We see no reason why you won't have fun! enjoy!

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Re: Site Rules

on 11/11/2011, 12:23 pm
Roleplay Rules

1- If somebody has private in their topic title you cannot enter the topic without the Creator of this topics approval.

2- If somebody has no killing or no fighting in there topic title please don't attack/ kill them simply because its against the rules

3- This is my rule because it annoys me other sites don't have it. (This rule out rules 2 and 3) If you are leaving/betraying the Village for Akatsuki/Missing Nin, you cannot simply leave in a private nokilling topic anybody can fight you on the way out.

4- Don't hit you opponent in your post it is god-modding, they decide if they get hit. But its also god-modding if you don't get hit at all in a fight. Also if you say your opponent is running at you when they never said that. You cannot roleplay their character's movements.

5- It is considered god-modding to avoid every single one of your opponents attacks with ease. If you have jutsu or tools to counter what your opponent is doing you may of course do so, but simply saying "I jump and dodge the attack, I side-step it, etc etc." Over and over again is not allowed, unless your opponent consents to an intentional mismatch for rp purposes.

6- You cannot do a mission without asking the Kage if it is ok first. Or you may be called a Missing Ninja for leaving the village and will hunted down and killed. Use the mission template in your villages administration building to apply for a mission.

7- Non approved people cannot roleplay until they are approved. They can post in the social areas but not as there character for they wouldn't be approved and don't exist.

8- You may only be in 1 death-enabled mission/battle or whichever at a time.

9- When using a jutsu attach the template of the jutsu to your post so the opponent will know what it does.
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Re: Site Rules

on 11/11/2011, 2:39 pm
Weapon Rules

1. No weapon is unbreakable, every weapon can be destroyed. Some just take a lot more hits than others, Weapons can have immunities like strong against fire,etc but not all elements, to strong. Lets be fair.

2. Make sure for the weapon description it is at least two paragraphs or more. We want to know everything about it, every detail on the weapon which includes markings,seals, gems, the color, weight, size and all.

3. Explain in detail what your weapons Abilities are;what powers does it have?. If it does not have none then leave that area blank. Stuff like immunity to ice,fire, etc. Those are considered abilities. If it can use fire, or if it can use two different natures like fire+earth making lava then put that, but make sure it is available first. A sword can only have up to as many jutsu as  your character has like genin. They have 3 D ranks and 2 c rank, get the picture?. Try to separate and list the different Jutsu your weapon has like you would with your character.

4. Make sure that you place a rank on your weapon and depending on what the weapon can do depends on it's rank. Stuff like combining elements to make stronger ones are B rank and up. Wind and lightening could possibly make storms so that would be A-S rank.

5. You can choose to either call out your swords name as a way to activating its Abilities, or just hand seals. It is your choice on this one. But it has to be one or the other. If you want to release your sword by it's name use something like "weapons name" I release you!.

6. you can't have a weapon that ranks over your rank. It would be ridiculous to have a genin with an A rank weapon. To prevent such things we have made this rule so that anyone and everyone must follow it. It would be impossible for a ninja to use a weapon over his rank.

7. Genin can't have weapons that have major abilities like samehada's abilities t absorb mass amounts of chakra. Genin must start out with a regular weapon such as a Katana and such. Chuunin may have a weapon with a minimum ability such as shooting a ball of fire, or shooting low lightening strikes to stun an opponent temporarily. Jounin and up can have strong weapons such as samehada abilities, just an example not exactly like samehada but you get the point.

---> Forbidden Weapons List: To be continued
-Sword of Totsuka
-Benihisago(For now)
-Kohaku no Jōhei(For now)
-Hero Water
-Military Ration Pills

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Re: Site Rules

on 11/11/2011, 2:52 pm
Pet Rules

1. You must make about two paragraphs or more for your summon,pet description on what they look like. We don't want no one liners or something that doesn't help us see what it looks like. When you describe your pet we wanna be able to post a mental picture of what he looks like in our mind.

2.Do not make a summon/pet that is op like a dragon, or a t-rex, those things that are extinct. Let's keep it real people. No unicorns either. Stuff like that is what makes role playing unfun for everyone

3.You have to make a history of where you got the summon, or pet, and how the pet/summon came to existence, and who made it. If someone created it and taught to you explain that, and make sense out of it.

4. Post your summons Abilities, the max Abilities your summon is allowed to have depends on the rank of the Summon. D rank summons can only have 3 ability. C rank can have up to 5. B rank can have up to 7 and kage level can have as many as they 10, because well they are kage level.

6. If your summon is like the toad or dog summons and there are smaller forms to big forms, post each one from youngest, to oldest, and which summon is the boss summon, etc. And give each level of summon a rank. Boss summons like boss toad or the snake orochimaru has are at least A and S rank.

7. Pets can not perform jutsu abilities, they are mainly used to sense or track enemies. Summons are what can perform jutsu. Pets how ever can be apart of your jutsu just like Kiba's dog when he combines himself with it to create the two headed giant dog. That is a pet,jutsu combination and again thats a example.

8. If a staff member approves it and another staff member of higher power comes along and unapproves because they see something that needs fixing then there is nothing you can do but to fix what is asked, other wise it is denied.

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Re: Site Rules

on 11/11/2011, 3:10 pm
Summoning Rules

-Unless you are given permission for your character to be granted a contract when you create him/her, the contract must be obtained through IC rp and even then you still might not be granted it.

-You are allowed three summons in total

-Even though your contract might hold three summons, that doesn’t mean you can summon them all; your characters rank plays an important rank in this. If you are genin then you can only summon the smaller creators to your aid and only one during a fight or training exercise.
Genin: 1
Chunnin: 2
Jonin: 3
Kage: 4

-Adolescent/C-Rank: These are the baby summons. They're generally no larger than 3ft tall and have little to no application in battle when it comes to fighting with the big dogs. They have 2 techniques (no stronger than C rank), and act as little more than cheerleaders. These are the summons that you will start with. This will be the same summon of which you develop all the way through with, so spend your EXP wisely as you wont be able to restart them. In order to gain an adolescent contract, which you need to progress your summon at all, you must create a 1,000 WC thread.

-Adult/B-Rank: Adult: These summons are more developed than the babies. These can range into sizes as large as a human or a bit larger and help in battle significantly more than that of their earlier years. They have 4 techniques (including the 2 from adolescence; no higher than B rank), and are decent in combat on an average scale. To attain an adult summon after your character ranks up you must spend [X] amount of Ryo or train a 1500 word thread

-Elder/A-Rank: Elder: These are the bad-asses of the summon world. They are what would be the top, if not the tippy-top, within their pack.  These can scale into the size of a bijuu, while not as powerful are just as large. They have 6 techniques (including all prior techniques), and can pack a pretty meaty punch against enemies. To acquire an elder summon you must after your character ranks up you must spend [X] amount of Ryo or train a 2000 word thread.

-Through my Rp years I have noticed everybody and their mamma tried to get a summoning just to have that extra advantage in battle or on mission. Well with this being all summons come at the cost of 30CP. The chakra of said summon is also linked with the users chakra pool by half meaning that if the summon uses 20CP then the shinobi also loses 10 cp from their original chakra pool.

-All creation summoning are created at C-Rank and will be trained like shinobi in order to move up the ranking. This training can only be done in RP weather it's a training or mission topic as long as the summoning is being used as an important role.  

-The holder of a contract may have one apprentice that he/she trains to learn the summon technique.  This must be done through IC rp and multiple training exercises.

-If the holder of a contract dies then their apprentice will be grandfathered the contract.  Once that person has mastered all the summons of the contract then they may take up an apprentice as well.

-If the holder dies and has no apprentice the contract is lost forever.

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Re: Site Rules

on 11/20/2011, 7:44 am
Sharingan Rules

As the basis of the Uchiha clan, it is fitting that these be covered first. First off, Uchiha have a limited amount of time that they are able to use their active Doujutsu, determined by their skill level and sometimes other personal factors. The number of tomoe also features into this heavily, which is also determined by the Uchiha's skill level.

Here is a quick run-down of the different effects of the various Tomoe...

One Tomoe: Enables the vision of the chakra system in a very generally manner, able to see the internal chakra of other ninja and able to detect disturbances in it. Other than that it cannot detect or otherwise see chakra, such as in other objects, or the chakra points as Hyuuga can.

Two Tomoe: Enables the piercing of Genjutsu by detecting changes in chakra that reveal the presence of Genjutsu. The eye must be activated at this stage before the Genjutsu is used for this to take effect. This can only be used to see through Genjustu of the user's rank or lower.

Three Tomoe: Enables the user to detect muscle tensions and body position to predict the attacks of an opponent before they perform them. This can also be used to track handsigns and copy them, enabling effective copying of a jutsu assuming the Uchiha can use the jutsu being performed. This enables the Uchiha to see the muscle movements, but please be aware that anticipating something does not automatically make you able to dodge it. You still have to have the time and ability to react to attacks, ignoring such things is considered God Mod.

Mangekyou: This is not so much a tomoe as an advanced form of Sharingan all-together, but it has been included here as it is fitting. Obtaining the Mangekyou Sharinigan requires a few things, so before you even attempt to claim having it you must be aware of the following:

- You must witness, or induce, the death of a close friend.
- The site defines a close friend as one who is either mentioned in your history for a substantial part of your life time (more than a year) or someone you have been in more than three topics with that have furthered your friendship (judged by the Staff.)
- In the case of witnessing, you do not gain Mangekyou automatically, and must do a 6000 word training topic before you are able to achieve it, in which you dwell on their death and use it as fuel to unlock the latent potential of your Sharingan.

After you've obtained Mangekyou, you may be wondering about the techniques. The canon techniques are not allowed for use (excluding Tsukiyomi which is a first come, first serve, technique) and instead you may make your own techniques. You may have Genjutsu technique, one Ninjutsu, and one Special Summoning. Each of these will drain from your chakra heavily (as the cost of two S Rank jutsu) and slowly induce blindness.

You may use Mangekyou as many times as you like in a topic, though the chakra drain limits you, and the blindness will be very quick in coming. After the first five uses, the eyes will bleed anytime afterwards that you activate Mangekyou, causing great pain and blurring vision and aim. After ten, the eyes become hazy and grow lighter in color, making the user effectively color-blind. At the moment of the fifteenth use, the user becomes irreversibly blind and can only regain sight by killing another Mangekyou Sharingan user. Doing so will reset the eyes to their original state and no further eye usage will degrade the vision.

Please be aware that using the Mangekyou abilities requires the appropriate specialties. You must have Ninjutsu and Genjutsu to use the corresponding abilities, Summoning is the only technique that does not require any specific specialty to utilize. Upon achieving Mangekyou you will not change specialties, so plan ahead of time or get your specialty switched if you intend to ever use Mangekyou.

The Sharingan may be held for a number of posts at each tomoe level according to the chart below. If the user switches from a lower tomoe count to a higher, the post in which it is switched does not count against the number of posts for the higher tomoe. You may not advance from no tomoe to two, or one to three, and receive this benefit.
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