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Puppeteer rules

on 7/13/2009, 1:21 am
Puppetry Rules

- All Puppets must be approved by a moderator or administrator in the puppet creation area, and must follow the supplied template.

- Depending on your rank, there is a limit to how many puppets you character may possess. However, if you have permission from the head administrator, and meet the specified terms, you are allowed to request more puppets. The normal limitations are as follows:
D ranked Shinobi (Academy) - 1 puppets maximun.
(1 D-Ranked)
C ranked Shinobi (Genin) - 2 puppets maximum.
(1 C-Ranked)
B ranked Shinobi (Chunin) - 3 puppets maximum.
(1 B-Ranked)
A ranked Shinobi (Jounin) - 4 puppets maximum.
(1 A-Ranked)
S ranked Shinobi (Kage) -  5 puppets maximum.
(1 S-Ranked)

- You may not possess a puppet which outranks you, I.e. a Genin with an S rank puppet would be instantly denied. However your puppet CAN have a weapon that out ranks his own. Your puppet can be a lower rank than your shinobi, or equal to, but IF you have a puppet a rank lower than you, it still counts toward your total allowed number of puppets.

- According to your rank, there is a maximum amount of puppets you are allowed to utilize at one time. To use puppets, you need to be a true master of control, and thus you cannot at all times use every single puppet you possess. Certain jutsu allow you to exceed this limit, however the normal limits are as follows:
C ranked Shinobi (Genin) - 2 puppet
B ranked Shinobi (Chunin) - 3 puppets
A ranked Shinobi (Jounin) - 4 puppets
S ranked Shinobi (Kage) - 5 puppets

-No puppeteer may use more than 3 puppets at one time. For more clarity on how this will work I have posted below.Note: With exception of S-Ranked puppets by the Kage. Only 1 may be wielded unless the second is C-Ranked or lower. Kage second puppet may be B-rank while the third must be C-Rank.
Genin: 1 puppet
Chunnin: 2 puppets (1 of which is B-Rank)
Jounin: 3 puppets (1 of which is A-Rank)
Kage: 3 puppets (1 of which is S-Rank)

- All puppets require a constant stream of chakra to use. With this being in effect for all puppets require a certain amount of Chakra to wield and chakra will drain each post.
D-Rank- 3CP per post
C-Rank- 5CP per post
B-Rank- 7CP per post
A-Rank- 9CP per post
S-Rank- 10CP per post

- Human puppets require Staff approval and must be made from a real ninja through killing off an actual member. You must also either have the body in your possession or have a human puppet given to you in RP by someone who has a human puppet.

- All puppets have a required number of weapon slots. These weapon slots all determine the rank of the puppet wielded by the user.
D Rank - 2 Slots,
C Rank - 4 Slots,
B Rank - 8 Slots
A Rank - 10 Slots
S Rank - 12 slots

-For each slot of a puppet their is a number slot in which a weapon must take. For example a C-Ranked puppet has 6 slots. Depending on the weapon itself will depend on how many slots it will take from the puppet. Any puppet may have any rank weapon but keep in mind if you have a C-Ranked and an S-Ranked weapon then that puppet will only have that 1 weapon. The list below is an example of weapons and the slots they will consume.
Weapons such as kunai, shuriken, senbon, paper bombs, nets, weapon launcher,

More potent weapons such as flash bombs, body modifications, swords, small sheilds, large shiruken, weapons launcher.

Elemental, Chakra Based weaponry, Large shields, Body entrapment, minor poisons.

Special ability weapons, Modified armor, (S-Rank poison).

- Human Puppets can only be obtained by A rank Shinobi or higher. To obtain a human puppet, you must kill another Role Playing human-controlled character, not an NPC. When you do get a human puppet, you may have no more than one.

- All human puppets D-B Rank (Rank of the dead character) will be considered an A-Rank puppet. Those that are A-S Rank shinobi (Rank of the dead character) will be considered S-Rank puppets. This rule is put in place for those who wants a human puppet may go obtain one but at their own will to lose a puppet slot.

- Human puppetry maybe only use the KKG of the dead character. They may NOT however use any jutsu the character didn't know before they died. The only time in which this doesn't apply is when the dead character doesn't have a KKG to manipulate. If this is the case then that persons first ability and/or element may be manipulated. However only up to the rank of the dead character.
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